New craft design in the digital age

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Min ZhouShuang LiangPeian YaoStefano Follesa

Abstract: Craft design has gone through different contexts, and the craftsmanship in the new age is different from that in the industrial age. By analyzing the evolution and new scenario of craft design, the paper summarizes the trend of new craft design. The evolution of craft design shows the following trends: 1) the output diversified to satisfy the new needs due to technological advancement, including the material object, experience, service, and digital content. 2) the responsibility shifts from product design to activity design. 3) the boundaries are blurred; more and more industries, disciplines and people are participating in craft design. This paper believes that the new craft design has two directions: one points to the craftsmanship itself (tangible-intermediate-intangible structure); the other points to the various relationships with other disciplines, environment, and society.

Keywords: Craft Design, Regional Culture, Digital Technology, Maker Space, Craft Empowerment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001072

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