The Digitalization of Knitwear: Towards a redefinition of the conventional design boundaries

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Giulia Lo-ScoccoGiovanni Maria ContiMartina Motta

Abstract: In the contemporary context, the knitting industry is dealing with a scarcity of 3d simulation tools, resulting, to date, in a sampling-based method where refinements to a specific design are often abandoned or compromised. While, in other design fields, virtual 3d modeling profitably interacts with hard-ware technology (e.g., 3d printers) [1], such tools do not easily connect to the conventional textile technology of industrial knitting machines [2].This paper explores the state of the art of knitted textiles digitalization, aiming to outline practical support to knitwear design practice with a specific focus on pos-sible digital tools to integrate design and fabrication prerogatives.

Keywords: Knitwear Design, Digital Manufacturing, 3D Software

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100947

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