Feasibility Study of the Implementation of IR Technology for the Recognition of Covid-19 Carriers in Public Places

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Miguel Angel Quiroz MartinezDaniela Claudett VillalbaMonica Daniela Gomez RiosMaikel Yelandi Leyva Vázquez

Abstract: Identifying COVID-19 carriers has become the first need worldwide, especially in crowded airports, stores, etc. There are systems based on infrared vision that can help recognize one of the most common symptoms of this pandemic disease: body temperature. The study presented here aims to analyze the feasibility of implementing infrared (IR) technology in public places for the effective and efficient recognition of people with symptoms of elevated temperature or fever. As a result, the best solution (IR) was obtained in terms of time, accuracy, and ergonomics, depending on the user. Sampling was also conducted to measure the feasibility, with a sample of approximately 400 users who visited the COVID-19 vaccination center, located at the Salesian University of Guayaquil-Ecuador. A percentage of time and error is presented, using 2 of the most used technologies in the technological market, thermographic technology and thermopile, considering the proposal as very feasible.

Keywords: Covid-19, Infrared Technology, Thermographic Technology, Thermopile

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001083

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