Interactive Learning: Numbers Application Based on Augmented Reality

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Nigar Tuğbagül AltanOğuzkaan Sarıkaya

Abstract: Children with mental disorders struggle when they are taught with conventional teaching methods and materials. This is especially a major problem in early stages of learning. Since identification of those with special needs is also difficult/challenging in early years.In this study, an interactive numbers-learning application for children with mental disorders and/or preschool children is developed. The tool uses augmented reality activated through a marker to pop-up interactive 3D numbers. With the application children in their early childhood and/or children with mental or learning disabilities are able to direct the camera of their device to a 2-D number on a page (i.e. marker) and revive a 3-D augmented image. The application also speaks out that number. The ultimate goal of the application is to speed up the learning process in an enjoyable manner.

Keywords: Interactive Learning, Numbers, Application, Augmented Reality, Chidren With Mental Disorders, Children In Early Childhood

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001086

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