Thermo-mechanical Coupling Analysis of T/R Module Based on HTCC Substrate

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bi ZhangGuoqing YongChangming HuYunfei ChenYan Zhang

Abstract: With the development of miniaturization and high density of microwave modules, package on package (POP) configuration has been widely used. Ceramic ball grid array (CBGA) solder joints provide effective microwave signal interconnection and mechanical support between high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) substrates. A CBGA solder joints T/R module based on HTCC substrate is introduced in this paper. In the process of reflow sol-dering, the T/R module may fail due to HTCC substrate cracking or CBGA solder joints falling off. Therefore, the finite element thermo-mechanical coupling analysis method is used in this paper to explore the failure causes. Besides, several factors such as HTCC substrate thickness, substrate size, cavity proportion and shell material are selected for orthogonal experimental design to study the effects of the above factors on the warpage and stress of T/R module during reflow soldering, which has certain guiding significance for the production of T/R module.

Keywords: Htcc Substrate, Cbga Solder Joint, Orthogonal Experimental Design, Thermal Mechanical Coupling Analysis, Package On Package

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001090

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