The Automatic Recommendation and Color Testing Method for Lip Gloss Based on Image Recognition

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jin LiuYafeng NiuHongrui ZuoJiahao WangLang Xiao

Abstract: Make-up already became modern day by day, especially a thing of indispensable in female daily life, appropriate make-up look can foil facial features, promote temperament, enhance self-confidence. Lip gloss is the very important part in makeup look. With the continuous development of industrial integration, personalized recommendation of lip gloss for users can improve the consumption experience of users. Based on the investigation and analysis of various factors of makeup, the paper designed a lip gloss automatic recommendation and color testing method based on color temperature recognition of skin color image. In the algorithm design, face skin color recognition is carried out based on convolutional neural network, and then the classifier is used to extract and segment the regions of interest to the face——the lips, and then the lip is colored according to the skin color judgment result. In the paper, experiments were designed to explore users' cognition of the color of lip gloss corresponding to skin color, and experiments were carried out to compare the recognition results of subjects and computers to verify the feasibility of the algorithm designed in this paper.

Keywords: Image Recognition, Convolutional Neural Network, Lip Gloss

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001092

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