The Construction of the Evaluation Index System of Children's Educational Game Learning Accessibility

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xueying YaoTianyu ZhouYafeng Niu

Abstract: The quality of children's educational games affects children's cognitive development and skills. Therefore, the construction of educational game evaluation indexes is playing the big role in the development of educational games. In this paper, the initial evaluation indexes of educational game learning accessibility were developed by applying the relevant theories. Then three rounds of expert evaluations were conducted using the Delphi Method, and the initially formulated educational game learning accessibility evaluation indexes were revised and improved according to the experts' suggestions. This paper determines the educational game learning accessibility evaluation indexes including 3 primary indicators, 7 secondary indicators and 26 tertiary indicators. Finally, two-by-two comparison of indicators at each level is conducted to determine the weight of each evaluation indicator by means of analytic hierarchy process. This evaluation index system can facilitate children's parents and teachers to select educational games according to the indexes, and also provide an effective reference basis for the design, improvement and evaluation of children's educational games in the future.

Keywords: Children'S Educational Games, Evaluation Index, Accessibility

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001093

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