Design of a VR-based training system for the evacuation of an engineering laboratory building

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Authors: Yulyana Rodríguez BautistaJuan Fernando Castro MedinaDiego Andrés Quintero ArdilaCarol Natalia Rangel SantamaríaSebastian Alberto Peláez Gómez

Abstract: This project designs a training system to perform an evacuation due to the presence of a possible structural fire using virtual reality. To develop the proposal, the software and hardware tools with which the experiment was carried out were initially selected, this selection was made taking into account the criteria of the ISO 25010 Standard and the AHP methodology was used based on the opinion of some experts in the area. The training system was applied to a sample size of 68 people. It was evidenced that the application of the concept of serious games integrated with virtual reality significantly improves the participants' learning by generating a higher level of immersion in the emergency. In addition, considering the average time that participants took to learn the evacuation system of the building with the developed application, a positive impact was obtained in areas such as: productivity, economy, culture, health and technology.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Serious Games, Evacuation Route, Evacuation Drill, Simulation, Structural Fires, Training System

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100955

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