A Business Process Model Driven Chatbot Architecture

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Srđan Daniel SimićToni StarčićAldo FerlattiDarko EtingerNikola Tankovic

Abstract: Modern businesses consist of many interacting processes which aim to realize business goals. Therefore, to yield the best possible result, organizing processes in a structured business model is required. Business process modeling notation (BPMN) is a widely used business modeling technique based on simple business and logic specifications understandable not only by domain experts but also to the broader audience. Although it provides support for the process execution, many BPMN models serve only for documentation purposes.This paper positions the lack of coordination between the process execution and the front-end interface as one of the drivers of slow BPMN adoption. To close the gap between execution and interface, we present a system architecture that provides external task automation and interactive human task completion using a chatbot structure powered by natural language processing (NLP) and BPMN. We have evaluated the performance of the proposed architecture on the process of internship applications for the Faculty of Informatics in Pula.

Keywords: Bpmn, Process Automation, Chatbot

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100956

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