Ambient Theory for Smart Cities: Is it a Good Theory?

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: H. Patricia Mckenna

Abstract: This paper provides an evaluation of ambient theory for smart cities, based on a review of the research literature focusing on key criteria for “good theory.” The literature review is interdisciplinary in nature and a brief overview of ambient theory is provided across several domains including rhetoric, architecture, and smart cities. Ambient theory, as applied to date in the context of smart cities and environments, is evaluated in relation to criteria identified, describes, and employed by other researchers. A mix of “good theory” elements, drawn from a variety of researchers, forms the basis for consideration and evaluation of ambient theory for smart cities. Findings provide a promising outcome and a rich and vibrant space for research and practice is identified in this paper, available now for inquiry, debate, evaluation, further testing and validation, contestation, development, refinement, and expansion.

Keywords: Ambient Theory, Good Theory, Theory Development, Theory Evaluation, Smart Cities

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100959

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