Industrial Perspectives on Government Open Data Strategy Effectiveness

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Mona Mohamed

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to impart new insights into the factors influencing the effectiveness of Open government data (OGD) strategy and build a predictive model for promoting strategy effectiveness. In the realm of OGD, presently, there is no de facto standardized strategy framework for the government to create open data in response to users’ needs and there is no predictive model that can be used to forecast the OGD effective strategy. Fifteen factors from four themes that shape the OGD strategy were prudently chosen from the literature and included in a survey distributed to the OGD users in the private sector in the US. The four themes identified from the literature are: data quality, technical standards, capacity building and measurements and maturity modeling. Then the most effective factors from these four themes are selected to build a mixed model for the prediction of OGD strategy. Overall, the effect of the models from the individual four themes were found to have significant impact on the effectiveness of the OGD strategy. Where there are only five factors from these four themes are found to have significant impact on strategy effectiveness and used to develop a predictive five-factor model. These results set the scene for the government to direct its resources to the concomitant barriers and the most effective TTPs. These observations should be considered when building new OGD strategy. The development of such model is critical for remediating OGD formidable challenges that are continually changing due to the inherit dynamism in the policies associated with the OGD.

Keywords: Open Data, Data Quality, Technical Standards, Capacity Building, Measurements And Maturity Modeling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100965

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