Improvement of Robot Service Route

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Authors: Zih-Ling HeJui-Hung ChengJia-Hong ShenYu-Xuan Hsueh

Abstract: With the development of intelligent robots in modern society, the application of robots has speedily spread from industry to service industry and enhance the quality and convenience of life. However, when practically applied in restaurants or coffee shops, it is easy to meet problems, including overlong delivery time, wrong location, challenging setting, etc. Most service robots adopt SLAM technology, which is for localization and map construction simultaneously. This research explores optimizing the service robot's time and space axis parameters using ZENBO Robot in experiments. Furthermore, through 6σ architecture to refine by the Taguchi method to optimize SLAM technology and the time axis parameter of the user interface. In the actual use situation, experiments with other impact factors to improve UI/UX problems to make the service robot minimize error when advancing. After improvement, the UI/UX of the service robot has improved. Moreover, the delivery time is improved by 47%, accuracy and stability are improved by 65%, and it provided users with simplified setting steps and the environment's best parameters. This research proves that using the Taguchi method can effectively improve the performance of service robots in actual applications.Keywords: Service Robot · SLAM · UI/UX · Taguchi method

Keywords: Service Robot, Slam, Ui/Ux, Taguchi Method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100970

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