Design of Point Pop-ups with Visual Representation based on Weather Map Interface

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Junkai ShaoWenzhe TangBingqing YangChengqi Xue

Abstract: The point pop-ups in the weather map interface are essential for displaying real-time weather information in different geographic environments. However, with the explosive development of multimodal map information, the unfriendly expression of most pop-ups breaks the smooth user experience, which brings great challenges to the visual design of pop-ups. This paper regarded point pop-ups in the Chinese weather map as the research object and discussed the design strategy of pop-ups from four aspects: information capacity, combination type, layout mode, and transparency. By comparing the design schemes of different factor levels, the user's behavior performance in the two groups of experiments was analyzed. The results found that the behavior performance on graphic-text pop-ups was better than text-only ones at the same level. When point pop-ups were distributed in the weather map interface with high density, the operability and readability of comprehensive weather information could be ensured by adjusting the overlapping and transparency.

Keywords: Weather Map Interface, Point Information, Pop-Ups Design, Behavioral Performance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100936

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