Virtuality and Reality: The Digitalization of Societies and Possible Consequences

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Authors: Dobrinka PeichevaValentina MilenkovaDilyana KeranovaVladislava LendzhovaVioleta Nikolova

Abstract: The spread of the internet - the brightest symbol of digitalization and the introduction of newer and newer digital tools is turning its back on analog development. The internet has developed into a giant digital network, which has caused comprehensive transformations in the work environment, the created products, the interpersonal contacts, and the competitive relations of the organizations. Their double being and positioning - in the realities of the internet and physical reality brought out an abundance of critical scientific topics - the consequences of mixing realities and spaces, the trust in digital information, the directions of digital and analog developments, the educational effects. Some of the defended ideas are based on the results of a sociological survey conducted by the authors, and others on the analytical rethinking of the prevailing theoretical achievements. The thesis is launched that analog and digital developments should be interconnected. Keywords: Virtuality and reality Digital and analog developments Positive and negative effects of digitalization

Keywords: Virtual World, Reality, Digitization, New Media Literacy

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100987

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