Predictive Data Analytics in Aviation Maintenance: A Cultural Perspective

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bettina MrusekJohn K. WilsonJim SoltiMark ReimannKen Witcher

Abstract: The use of predictive data analytics in an aviation maintenance environment has been validated as a proven method for improving operational efficiency, safety, and inventory management. The implementation of predictive maintenance processes, however, remains challenging. While the use of predictive techniques has shown clear benefits, a willingness to adopt such practices must exist at all levels to be successful. This paper is the first in a two-part series aimed at evaluating the current perceptions of aircraft maintainers regarding the use of predictive models in scheduling maintenance and repair operations. The results will allow leaders within this industry to effectively communicate the benefits of data-driven analysis, thus improving confidence in predictive solutions. This study also highlights the challenges related to the incorporation of such approaches, including cultural barriers, and provides recommendations for effective implementation in aviation maintenance organizations.

Keywords: Aviation Maintenance, Data Analytics, Cultural Perception

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100988

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