Quantum Based Brain-Computer Interface Performance Analysis for Next-Generation Metaverse

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janne Heilala

Abstract: The study discussed observations from 8-electrode brain-control interface (BCI) recordings and investigated its connectomic structure. The subject repeatedly controlled the operating system by concentrating creatively and producing recordable signals. The research problem was to understand recorded psychometric data and prove its validity. Sample observational size (n = 6’825) was selected using clustering sampling from successfully recorded stimulations (N >= 200’000) in a Virtual Reality (VR) development environment. The empirical Structural Equation Model (SEM) was modeled. Through SEM, rotated data was simplified with Factor Analysis (FA). Hypothesis testing reveals distinctions and correlation predictions in non-invasively placed electrodes on the cerebral hemisphere. In conclusion, the β-values of electrodes placed to the right instead predict adverse effects to the left electrodes during processing visual sensory inputs.

Keywords: Brain-Control Interface, Electroencephalogram, Structural Equation Modeling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001002

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