Pleasurable emotions of product design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xinying WuMing-Gang YangZishun Su

Abstract: improving product attractiveness and usability has become a new direction of product design. In the past, the functional aesthetics pursued in product design was gradually replaced by emotional experience. The new usability is transformed into positive emotional needs. As an emotion type with research value in positive emotion, pleasant emotion has gradually become a new usability issue in emotional design. Therefore, the construction of product form pleasant emotion evaluation system helps designers to develop products that meet market orientation according to the combination of aesthetic experience and pleasant design evaluation system. Under the guidance of emotional design theory, through the systematic research of pleasure design, combined with aesthetic pleasure criteria and aesthetic principles, this study constructs a product pleasure evaluation system. A new research method and systematic evaluation scheme are proposed for the future product design research in the context of pleasant emotion.

Keywords: Pleasure Design, Product Design, Emotion Design, Visual Complexity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001003

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