From Emotion to Geometry: The Analysis of Tone in Written Communication as a Computational Design Tool

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jorge CambaManuel ConteroDavid Pérez-López

Abstract: This paper explores the relationship between geometry and emotion through the use of language analysis. We describe a novel computational design approach and the implementation of a software prototype that uses sentiment analysis in written communication to automatically generate parametric variations of a particular design. Our system provides a hybrid-centered approach to design that transforms the qualitative nature of tone and emotion in text into quantitative design parameters that can be manipulated in a 3D modeling software, thus facilitating more creative conversations between the designer and the computer. Our exploration is a first step toward the evolution of de-sign tools into intuitive artificial cognitive systems that can process ideas and semantic constructs and transform them into concrete geometric forms.

Keywords: Emotional Design, Computational Design, Artificial Cognitive System For Geometric Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001004

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