Design of Smart Curtain Based on Affordance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Mi TianJie ZhangMing LiXiaori Dong

Abstract: Nowadays, product design emphasizes to start from user experience, excavate us-er's own behavior characteristics, realize self-perception of people and environment, so as to better show the use experience of products. In this paper, based on the theory of affordance and behavior logic as the clue, through the analysis of the affordance matrix of home smart curtain, the possible affordance relationship be-tween components and people is extracted. Based on this, the whole cycle process of intelligent curtain is explored, and many problems of curtain in structure longi-tudinal and control panel are analyzed. Based on the design method, the hierarchical relationship and gap in the behavioral logic are reflected, and a behavior design method based on affordance is proposed, which is to identify the environment, improve the use process, find common characteristics, and enhance the hierarchical relationship of the perception of affordance. Through affordance, it is possible to form a good interaction relationship based on human-thing-environment and promote the iteration of product design.

Keywords: Affordance, Smart Curtain, Behavioral Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001006

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