A CAD toolset for modeling and synthesis of technosphere safety systems using blockchain technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Georgii KupriianovRemir Solnitsev

Abstract: How to solve the problem of timely prevention of technological disasters, in example?My solution: An integrated system of technosphere security with the registration of events in theblockchain.Data from vibration sensors, deformation sensors, position and displacement sensors relative to afixed reference point (as well as humidity, gas, fire and burglar alarm sensors, etc.) mustconstantly fall into the public blockchain. Society should always be aware of the status ofsignificant objects, that is, 24/7.The maximum permissible values of the readings of all systems must also be known and remainunchanged, so that it is possible to make decentralized conclusions about the condition ofstructures, the operation of which is associated with risks in the field of technosphere and othersafety.Accordingly, events should be recorded and short videos should also be recorded, the recordingof which is carried out by the operation of motion sensors that record any environmental changenear the protected object.Verification and certification data of measuring instruments should also be included in theblockchain as separate transactions.The information system based on the blockchain, where monitoring data will be delivered in atimely manner, will not only prevent technogenic disasters, it will determine the responsibilitiesof officials and prevent the implementation of corruption scenarios.Earlier in my publications I already suggested using blockchain to register events of anintegrated system of environmental safety and campaigning.The design of integrated technosphere security system with event logging based on the blockchain is a complex task. And then a special CAD/CAE will come to the rescue. Specifically, a suite of CAD tools for modeling and synthesizing a recycling infrastructure for waste management systems and solutions development in order to prevent the global waste catastrophe.Here I propose the concept of such a computer-aided design toolset.

Keywords: Technosphere, Security, Safety, Blockchain, Cad, Cae, Modeling, Synthesis, Event Logging, Software

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001011

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