The near (bio)future in design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sabrina Lucibello

Abstract: The paper joins the debate on the emerging prospective in design in the near future that will be “bio”. The world has gone through 3.8 billion years of research and development, with failures and successes, in search of the most effective and affordable so-lutions to facilitate our daily life. This is especially true today, since we realized that energy resources and raw materials are starting to run-out and that they will not be enough for the population in the near future, The planet could lit-erally implode, ceasing to be an "earthly paradise".Human people have therefore always observed Nature, using it as a source of knowledge and inspiration, but with different approaches. Starting from these premises, the present article explores how innovation can be inspired by Nature. Nature, that in this context is deemed to be the model, the measure and the “mentor” from which designers can learn through a fully informed, responsible study of its biological and biomechanical processes, with the ultimate objective of improving human activities and technology to allow full resonance with Nature itself.Today, technology allows us to reproduce natural systems and biofabricate living systems. Everything appears possible today, but we should probably ask ourselves if this is really necessary, as we did when the possibility of rep-licating and genetically modifying the living being opened up? How can we avoid running into "technological blasphemy"? What role can design play in this?

Keywords: Nature, New Materiality, Biofabrication, Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100941

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