The Differences between Eye Control and Touch Games in Children's Learning

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lang XiaoYafeng NiuTianyu ZhouWenjun Yang

Abstract: This study comparatively analyzed the effects of eye control and touch on the learning outcomes of children's educational games. According to the task completion time and performance, the article analyzes the performance of eye control and touch control on children's educational games through the method of ergonomics experiment. It is found that the performance of girls is generally better than that of boys, and the completion time of girls is shorter than that of boys. There is no obvious difference in ergonomics between the performance of eye control and touch control. The article also compared the results of the ergonomics experiment with the results of the summative test, In the results of the summative test, the improvement of the eye control group is higher than that of the touch group, which shows that the use of eye control in children's educational games is more effective .

Keywords: Eye Control, Touch, Interaction, Children’S Education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001023

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