Risk of COVID-19 infection and prevention and control strategies in universities

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Authors: Hang ShangWenbo LiuYuhuan Li

Abstract: At the beginning of 2020, a sudden COVID-19 outbreak swept the world. So far, more than 300 million people worldwide have been infected with COVID-19 virus. Although the successful development of the COVID-19 virus vaccine has brought a great turnaround to the early stage of epidemic prevention and control.However, when the discovery of asymptomatic infected people, cold chain transmission routes, the emergence of novel coronavirus mutation and many other situations, the world faces new challenges.As a place with dense personnel flow and frequent contact in universities, infection cases will be more prone to the rapid spread of the epidemic, causing very serious social problems.Studying the relationship between the transmission rate of the campus epidemic and the prevention and control measures is the need of formulating efficient campus epidemic prevention and control strategies.Prediction the spread of novel coronavirus using the infectious disease model is an important means to study the spread of COVID-19 and make prevention and control decisions.This study mainly studied the risk of infection and prevention and control strategies.In the aspect of infection risk analysis, with the student dormitory of a university as the research object, five levels of campus epidemic prevention and control strategies were first established, and then through the establishment of healthy person-infection (SI) infection model based on statistics and probability judgment, the transmission speed of the epidemic under different epidemic prevention strategies was investigated.Then, the diffusion situation of the epidemic was simulated. Taking two dormitory buildings A and B as an example, the simulation results of dormitory students under vaccination and non-vaccination and different levels of prevention and control measures were analyzed to find out the key factors for the prevention and control of the epidemic.To provide help for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control strategies in colleges and universities.

Keywords: COVID-19, prevention and control strategy, universities, vaccines

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001363

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