Design in-between Knowledge, Cultures, Identities, and Territories

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carla Paoliello

Abstract: The prefix and preposition between come from the Latin inter. It indicates the position in the middle of two things. It is a spatial and a temporal limit as inter-open, interweave, and interpose. It expresses exchange and reciproc-ity. The term in-between imbues all these meanings. It brings this open place and time where different ways of looking and living in our world mix together or complete each other in a universal perspective. We expose the interrelationships between design, knowledge, cultures, identities, and ter-ritories. We also elucidate the mixtures, miscegenation, and hybridizations between oneself and another or between a designer and an artisan. This pa-per evidences the contact zone that defines another place, which is no long-er mine or the others as told by Pratt's “between-places” [1] in an in-between-time of between-beings.

Keywords: In-between, Design, Knowlegde, Identity, Territory

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001378

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