Co-Design as a Tool to Improve Our Cities.

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Authors: Vera BarradasCátia Rijo

Abstract: This paper aims to develop an academic project in the field of design under the theme"New European Bauhaus" with the aim of contributing to a better experience andliving in the city and the development of a more sustainable city. The theme has afocus on the project developed in the Master of Digital Identity of PortalegrePolytechnic that intends to know the city of Portalegre from a singular place and itsidentity. This study is part of this international project called “Design, experience,and identity: meeting spaces to design a livable city” that has the collaboration of sixNational and International Higher Education Institutions and aims to address thisinterdisciplinary issue through the development of academic projects in thedisciplinary field of design. In these ways we can contribute to a better experience inthe city, as well as to a more sustainable development of the place, without losingsight of its identity.

Keywords: Creativity Cities, UNESCO, Design Master, New European Bauhaus

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001382

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