Sustainable Design Approaches Towards Green Higher Education Campus

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Authors: Maria João DelgadoIsabel Duarte De AlmeidaGianni Montagna

Abstract: The primary goal of our work is to address the issues concerning the application of sustainability concepts in the Higher Education Campus of the Faculty of Architecture at Universidade de Lisboa. Sustainable actions and attitudes are part of the sustainable principles of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in the 2030 Agenda by all member states of the United Nations. This exploratory research is based on a review of the international literature specialized in sustainability assessment in Higher Education Institutions. A qualitative research approach was applied, using a questionnaire adapted from the European University Association in 2021, as a research instrument, with the objective of knowing the perception and opinion of the Faculty of Architecture (FA) academic community on some of the collective actions of greening. Based on a survey carried out on a non-probabilistic sample selected from Campus users, a qualitative interpretation and discussion of the data obtained were performed. With this investigation, we intend to know the challenges and initiatives practiced in this Campus in defense of sustainability and contribute towards a changeover the environmental, social, and economic awareness of the campus community.

Keywords: Sustainability, Educational Campus Sustainability, Design, Human Dynamics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001387

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