Facilitating Materials Learning into Design Education through Visual Representations

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aline Teixeira Souza SilvaFernando Moreira Da Silva

Abstract: Typically, the teaching-learning process about materials and manufacturing processes for design include a range of tasks: knowledge restricted to industries; designers’ responsibilities; functional requirements; and subjective values. For instance, materials knowledge is fundamental for designers. Considering this mix of competences and additionally the quantity and complexity of the subject, the process of teaching-learning about materials is challenging. This paper discusses the visual representations as strategy for materials and manufacturing processes learning into design education. We argue that traditional sources as demonstrations and reports are important to classes, but visualizations have the causal effect. To demonstrate the proposition, we present an experience report.

Keywords: materials and design, design education, design tools and methods

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001389

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