Enveloping a day – Persona visual mapping

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Authors: Jose SilvaRita AlmendraTiago Navarro MarquesDaniel RaposoJoão Neves

Abstract: The following article describes a Persona Method through Visual Clues (PMVC) in a learning setting performed in the course of Interface Design I, degree of Design, School of Arts, University of Evora, Portugal, in the academic year of 2021/22. The study follows a descriptive case methodology. The purposed PMVC concerns the project’s early stage and reveals how a mosaic assemblage of visual clues allows an itinerary on cohesive information acquisition in guiding the design project. The proposed PMVC allowed students to valorize life contexts when projecting a persona, enabling a strong focus on consumers and work contexts. Although working in fictionalized settings, the PMVC triggers the reasoning on the complexity of the contexts, deploying information that will deliver more reality into Personas. Keywords: Visual methods, Communication Design, Persona Method, Design Literacy

Keywords: Design Curation, Design, Persona

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001390

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