The Process of Creation: Artistic Creation and Creative Processes.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maria Silvia Barros De HeldCarlos AlhoVanda Matos

Abstract: This research is built upon the search for the understanding of today's status of the process of creation, and how it has been considered through time, first through an philosophical approach, then through psychological aesthetics and finally, more recently, through psychology. If all construction of reality are built upon the interaction between physical world, the psychological or subjective world and the world of human creation, it seems to be clear that the creative process is, by excellency, a paradigm of the human experimental or experiential phenomena. Assuming a descriptive case study approach, Boa Nova Tea House of Siza Viera is analyzed. In Siza Vieira´s creative process, the drawing constantly validates his work. Architecture balances between art and technique as a creative act resulting from the artist mental reflective and experimental construction.

Keywords: process creation architecture, urbanism, design and arts

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001393

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