UpStart – Creative Industries through Design for Social Innovation, Heritage and Management

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Authors: Paula Reaes PintoAntónio Gorgel PintoPaulo Simões RodriguesTiago Navarro MarquesRui FragosoRui QuaresmaJose VenturaFatima JorgeCristina Marreiros

Abstract: The project Up Start - Creative Industries is an initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation in partnership with the University of Évora and promoted by the Portugal Social Innovation program, focusing a particular synergy based in the areas of design for social innovation, heritage, and management. Its main objective is the development of an alternative economic model of socio-cultural innovation and creative practices with disadvantaged citizens. It aims to increase the participants income and improve the living conditions of the communities involved, namely migrant populations from the Lisbon metropolitan area, through the identification and mapping of techniques, arts and crafts developed by migrants from their cultural heritage.

Keywords: Design for social innovation, Creative heritage, Management, Sociocultural sustainability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001416

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