Visual attention, memory and persuasion of recycling advertisements among Chinese university students

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Betty Wai Sang SiuBing Xiao

Abstract: This research aims to use an eye-tracking methodology to explore the visual attention of recycling advertisements. The data obtained from the eye-tracking, unaided memory recall, and self-report on perceived persuasiveness can help advertisers and designers understand viewers' visual attention patterns and determine the best persuasion method when designing recycling-related advertisements. Findings showed the Pathos posters would result in long-term memory recall and high persuasiveness. However, more research is needed to see effects of using recycling relevant celebrities on the persuasiveness of Ethos posters. Central Slogans and Images were by far the most important aspect of the posters and what people spend the most time viewing. Keywords: Eye-tracking, recycling, public service advertisement, memory recall, persuasion

Keywords: Eye-tracking, recycling, advertisement, public service advertisement, persuasion

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001434

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