The Effectiveness of Amazon Headphone Video Advertising Based on Time Series Analysis

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuting CaiZhengqing Jiang

Abstract: Nowadays, both academia and the industry have discussed e-commerce video advertisements. However, the advertising effects and effective duration of e-commerce video advertisements mostly remain in qualitative analysis and lack quantitative analysis. In this article, using the Amazon platform, two sets of the same headset with different brand names are launched at the same time, and only one set of headsets is placed with video ads to carry out the experiment. After ten months, complete e-commerce data was obtained. Data analysis proved that: video advertising attracted a large number of consumers, which greatly increased the sales of headphones; the effective duration of video advertising was 15 weeks. This research provides an experimental method that can be quantified and analyzed for the research on the effect of video advertising on e-commerce platforms.

Keywords: Video advertising,time series,economic effect

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001435

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