The future prospect of dynamic poster design in the context of new media

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ding WeiWenqin FanZhenhai Liao

Abstract: In order to explore the development and research status of dynamic posters in the context of local media, and analyze the research trend of dynamic posters in the future, it can better help scholars to study dynamic posters. This paper summarizes the dynamic new form expression of posters in the context of new media, and explores the past research directions and current research hotspots, as well as the research differences at home and abroad; This paper makes a comparative study of posters from the perspective of dynamic and static, and comes to the conclusion that it is inevitable to change from static to dynamic. From the perspective of practical application of dynamic posters, this paper analyzes the design practice process, application classification, innovative methods and technical research; This paper explores the current evaluation methods of dynamic posters. The research shows that a more systematic theoretical system based on the new media background has not been formed in this research direction, and the actual validity of dynamic posters needs to be studied and excavated. It is hoped that the research trends and shortcomings obtained from this research review can provide some practical ideas for later scholars in the research process of dynamic posters.

Keywords: New media, dynamic posters, evaluation methods, research review

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001436

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