Paradoxes in Typeface Design for creating new Digital Design Experience

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Amic Ho

Abstract: Generally speaking, the paradox of design elements brought about by visual conflict can attract people's attention. Many designers apply similar ideas to their work. However, seldom do designers investigate the reasons behind the paradox of typography, as well as the approaches to creating this contradiction. The research question of this study refers to how the paradox of typography work for communication. The function of typography is not only to deliver messages but also to serve as the foundation for compositional communication. Letterforms were regarded as one of the most valuable graphic elements as they worked as the representations of language and organising type to serve multiple roles within a composition. This paper focuses on the experience of emotions created by typographic design, in particular, it also suggested an example to demonstrate how the experience of typographic designing related to the paradox of typography, built a hypothesis of why these may impact one another. Thus, the finding of this study provide a richer understanding of the design and the development of design projects.

Keywords: Typography, New Design Experience, Design Theory

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001437

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