Robust AI for Accident Diagnosis of Nuclear Power Plants Using Meta-Learning

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Authors: Deail LeeHeejae LeeJonghyun Kim

Abstract: Application with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques is considered for nuclear power plants (NPPs) that seem to be the last industry of the technology. The application includes accident diagnosis, automatic control, and decision support to reduce the operator’s burden. The most critical problem in their application is the lack of actual plant data to train and validate the AI algorithms. It is very difficult to collect the data from operating NPPs and even more to obtain the data about accidents in NPPs because those situations are very rare. For this reason, most of the studies on the AI applications to NPPs rely on the simulator that is software to mimic NPPs. However, it is highly uncertain that an AI algorithm that is trained by using a simulator can still work well for the actual NPP. This study suggests a Robust AI algorithm for diagnosing accidents in NPPs. The Robust AI is trained by the data collected in an environment (e.g., simulator) and can work under a similar but not exactly the same environment (e.g., actual NPP). Robust AI algorithm applies the Prototypical Network (PN), which is a kind of Meta-learning to extract major features from a few datasets and learn by these features. The PN learns a metric space in which classification can be performed by computing distances to prototype representations of each class. With the PN, the Robust AI algorithm extracts symptoms from the training data in the accident and uses these symptoms in the training of diagnosing accidents. The symptoms of accidents are almost identical between the simulator and the actual NPP, although the parametric values can be different. The suggested Robust AI algorithm is trained using a simulator and tested using another simulator of a different plant type, which is considered an actual plant. The experiment result shows that the Robust AI algorithm can properly diagnose accidents in different environments.

Keywords: Nuclear Power Plant, Accident Diagnosis, Robust Artificial Intelligence, Meta-learning, Prototypical Network

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001442

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