Proposal for the Generation of Profiles using a Synthetic Database

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Andres Viscaino - QuitoLuis Serpa-Andrade

Abstract: The lack of data to perform various models that feed an artificial intelligence with which you can get or discover various patterns of behavior in a set of data. Therefore, due to this lack of data, the systems are not well nourished with data large enough to fulfill its learning function, presenting a synthetic database which is parameterized with restrictions on the characteristics of graphomotor and language elements, which develops a set of combinations that will be the model for the AI. As effect to all this gave a commensurable amount of 777,600 combinations at the moment of applying the first filter with the respective restrictions, when taking the valid combinations that are 77304 a second filter is applied with the remaining restrictions that gave 57,672 valid combinations for the generation of the synthetic database that will feed the AI. It is concluded that the generation of synthetic data helps to create, according to its importance, more or less similar to real data and in this way ensures a quantity and no dependence on real or original data.

Keywords: data, models, artificial intelligence, learning, filter, constraints

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001462

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