Development of a virtual assistant chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence to control and supervise a process of 4 tanks which are interconnected

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sandro Gonzalez-GonzalezLuis Serpa-Andrade

Abstract: This article presents the gathering of works related to the usage of virtual assistants into the 4.0 industry in order to stablish the parameters and essential characteristics to define the creation of a ‘chatbot’ virtual assistant. This device should be applicable to a process of 4 tanks which are interconnected with a robust multivariable PID control with the aim of controlling and supervising this process using a mobile messaging application from a smartphone by sending key words in text messages which will be interpreted by the chatbot and this will be capable of acting depending on the message it receives; it can be either a consultation of the status of the process and the tanks which will be answered with a text message with the required information, or a command which will make it work starting or stopping the process. This system is proposed as a solution in the case of long-distance supervision and control during different processes. With this, an option to optimize the execution of actions such as security, speed, reliability of data, and resource maximization can be implemented, which leads to a better general performance of an industry

Keywords: Industry 4.0, Virtual Assistant, Chatbot, Process, System, Control PID, text message - supervision

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001464

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