The Effect of Varying Levels of Automation during Initial Triage of Intrusion Detection

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Daniel CassentiAayushi RoyThom HawkinsRobert Thomson

Abstract: With unrestrained optimism regarding the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) exceeding its actualization, AI developers are under increasing pressure to integrate AI into complex human decision-making tasks without fully understanding the implications of this automation. To investigate how automation may influence human performance in a high workload environment, this study utilizes a triage scenario from intrusion detection using a simulated SNORT interface. Participants classify a series of time-sensitive alerts as real intrusions or false alarms with the assistance of varying levels of automation (LOA) from no automation to fully autonomous. Preliminary results showed that participants tend to prefer and have some performance benefits with intermediate levels of automation.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Human-AI Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Levels of Automation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001447

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