Sensory Fusion for Remote Multi-body Temperature Monitoring

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sean HackettFlorian AlberHaocheng ZhengYang Cai

Abstract: We present a prototype of the remote multi-body temperature screening system that uses an RGB-D camera for face tracking and distance measurement and a thermal imaging camera for temperature detection. An automated calibration algorithm is implemented based on the distance to the target, the ambient temperature, and a reference object. Our field tests include outdoor and in-vehicle body temperature monitoring. We found that face tracking and distance measurements help to improve the dynamic automatic remote body temperature monitoring. Wearing a face mask would impair face tracking, with sensor fusion of thermal, RGB, and depth data, we have reduced the false detection of faces. In addition to the indoor environment, we evaluated the system in extreme conditions, including multiple types of face masks, outdoor, vehicle checkpoints, and under a canopy. We found that the vehicle drive-through and canopy offer improved performance over outdoors.

Keywords: Fever Detection, Temperature, RGB-D sensor, tracking, outdoor, in-vehicle, sensor fusion, AI

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001475

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