Measurement of Spine Curvature using Flexicurve Integrated with Machine Vision

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ramnaath MMounika DMurali SubramaniyamSeung Nam Min

Abstract: Many Spinal disorders require medication and prolonged rehabilitation, which consist of physical exercise and posture control. During restoration, frequent monitoring of spine curvature is necessary. The professionals do not suggest the radiography method more frequently since it has harmful effects on our bodies. Flexicurve has been widely used in much research to measure spine curvature in the sagittal plane. However, the data extraction from Flexicurve are not standardized or the current methodology adopted is difficult and time-consuming. Researchers use a graph (by hand) based method to extract curvature data from Flexicurve. Changes in spine curvature measurements can lead to the wrong methodology for correcting it. So, it is necessary to automate the data collection while measuring spine curvature with Flexicurve. This study proposes a method to automatically record the spine curvature data using the machine vision technique.

Keywords: Spine Curvature, Machine Vision, Sensor Integration.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001477

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