Interdisciplinary Learning - Tomorrow’s Executive as Creative Problem Solvers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Simrun Sethi

Abstract: Incorporating creative processes in the business curriculum can provide a framework for dealing with uncertainty in new product development. The paper explores the role and significance of user-focused aspects of the human-centered process in creating successful products and services. Demystifying the creative process can be challenging, as many students have trouble when engaging in 'need-finding' and problem-solving for the first time. Coping with uncertainty seems to be a vital factor in a student's ability to generate new products. Bringing creative tools and approaches into the classroom and sharing how to solve problems through observation, experiment, analysis, reflection establishes the place of the creative process, as a bridge, as a guiding principle – as a method for generating new products and new products business strategies.Keywords: Creative Process, Embracing Ambiguity, Interdisciplinary Learning, User-Focused.

Keywords: Design Thinking, Interdisciplinary Learning, User Focused, Pedagogy, Curriculum Development

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001501

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