Coworking Spaces for Startup Companies: A Comparative Study in Istanbul

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Salih CeylanMehmet Emre Arslan

Abstract: Coworking spaces have recently become mainstream worldwide. Therefore, research studies on the subject to investigate the interface and relationships between architectural design and creativity is becoming a popular subject in the academic community. The need for coworking spaces is derived from the evolutionary structure of the society and changing needs of time, as both are under the pressure of economic constraints. Coworking spaces, increase collaboration, social interaction, and collective intelligence between individuals. Coworking spaces are split into categories regarding the user type and the opportunities they provide. This paper presents a comparative study about coworking spaces for startup companies and entrepreneurs in Istanbul. 3 different coworking facilities with various characteristics in terms of organization, space design and user profile have been selected from the city, and they have been elaborated according to their spatial features and their contribution to creativity and entrepreneurship.

Keywords: co-working space, creativity, design thinking, architectural design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001514

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