Exploring the Underlying Entrepreneurial Competencies Essential for the Competitive Advantage of Indigenous Contractors in the Global South: A Ghana study

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Authors: Matthew Kwaw SomiahClinton AigbavboaWellington Didibhuku Thwala

Abstract: This study identifies the underlying entrepreneurial competencies (ECs) essential for indigenous contractors’ competitive advantage in the construction industry in the Global South using Ghana as a case study. Structured questionnaire aided collection of research data from 667 indigenous building and civil engineering practitioners in the Ghanaian construction industry (GCI). Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) reduced the underlying ECs into four underlying components namely: strategic competencies, self-trait competencies, acquired competencies, and market intelligence competencies. Market intelligence competencies was unique to this Ghana study. This study provides the main and sub-ECs useful in explaining and assessing ECs of indigenous contractors in the Ghanaian construction industry. It informs policymaking, and capacity building of indigenous contractors in Ghana and countries in the Global South whose construction industry shares characteristics with Ghana.

Keywords: Confirmatory factor analysis, Entrepreneurial competencies, Global South.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001525

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