The Formation Mechanism of Team Decision-making Errors in Digital Nuclear Power plants

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jing WenPengcheng Li

Abstract: In order to identify the mechanism of team decision-making errors (TDMEs), firstly, the concept of TDMEs is defined, and on the basis of on-site observations and simulation experiments, the team decision-making behaviors in the digital main control room of nuclear power plants (NPPs) are analyzed when facing event of an accident . Then, the specific classifications of behaviors and errors of team decision-making (TDM) are conducted, the contextual factors confronted with TDM are analyzed and classified specifically also. Furthermore, identifying the effects of contextual factors on team decision-making so as to extract the main influencing factors. Finally, the interactions between the influencing factors of TDMEs and their priorities are recognized through Interpretative Structural Modeling(ISM) methods, and a causal conceptual model is developed to reveal the formation mechanism of team decision-making errors(TDMEs), which provides theoretical basis for preventing TDMEs in digital NPPs.

Keywords: Team decision-making errors, Formation mechanism, Digital nuclear power plants

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001572

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