Characterization of Recovery Human Action Mechanisms in Nuclear Power Plants

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yunyeong HeoJeeyea AhnSeung Jun LeeRonald BoringJooyoung Park

Abstract: Recovery human action is defined as the action that prevents deviant conditions from producing unwanted effects. Analyzing recovery actions has been a critical part in human reliability analysis (HRA). However, there are a couple of limitations to treat recovery actions only depending on the current HRA methods. Representatively, the existing recovery analysis does not specifically consider recovery actions as are occurred in actual nuclear power plants (NPPs). The overall goal of this study aims to develop a novel recovery analysis method to account for human action recoveries in context of scenarios as well as complement the limitations of existing recovery analysis. In this paper, the recovery analysis in current HRA methods and their challenges are introduced. A strategy to achieve the goal is introduced with a modified recovery definition. Then, how we have researched the approach will be introduced in the paper.

Keywords: Human reliability analysis, Nuclear power plant, Risk assessment, Recovery, EMRALD

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001570

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