Technological Innovations for the treatment of impulsiveness

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Authors: María LópezMónica Acosta-RodasMónica Bolaños-PasquelCarlos Ramos-Galarza

Abstract: Impulse control, or also called inhibitory control, refers to the capacity of controlling attentiveness, behavior, thoughts, and/or emotions, and, at the end, to control internal willingness that is in charge of our behavior. It is important to mention that impulsiveness can be associated to three main factors, first, to behave without a direct implication of frontal lobe functioning; second, increased rate of the response given; and, behavior directed towards immediate reward. This article arises from the need to include technological innovations for the treatment of impulsiveness, thus, literature revision of the available applications about this topic has been made.

Keywords: Impulse control, inhibitory control. technological innovation, psychological treatment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001606

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