Bricoleurs: Resilience in Improvised Work in a Publishing House

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Authors: Cesar GuevaraRaquel Lara GuevaraDiego Mauricio Bonilla Jurado

Abstract: This study analyzes one of the issues that organizational psychology has dealt with in the last decade in a more exhaustive way: resilience is the result of having an optimistic nature as long as optimism does not distort the sense of reality. From a phenomenological perspective, publishing house Queyám was analyzed from the strategic part of the company, in this case a married couple that is in the presidency, as a sample the 6 employees were chosen in their different areas applying the focus group technique where the wife served Moderator of the structured interview with open questions of in vivo coding analyzing literal phrases that express the words used by the employees. It is discussed with the Nobel Prize in Physics Richard Feynman who became an expert in opening safes without knowing the combination, not only trying to find the mechanisms that allowed him to do so, but also collecting the psychological impressions of the people who used those safes or to find out how they chose the opening codes, finally this company has built resilience using improvisation as a fundamental capability

Keywords: bricolage, improvisation, organizational psychology, phenomenology, resilience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001610

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