Novel Approach for Sensing the Humanoid Hand Finger Position Using Non-contact TMR Sensor

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Saeed IqbalShahid Nawaz KhanMuhammad SajidSara AliFahad Iqbal KhawajaUmer AsgherYasar Ayaz

Abstract: The robotic hand robustness is necessary for different applications. In the past two decades, the magnetoresistance (MR) sensor technology has developed into a new field of magnetic sensing based of tunnel magnetoresistance technology (TMR) that is expanding rapidly. The hand gesture and position of finger can be found out with the help of different kind of sensors each kind of sensor have its challenges as well as the limitations. Smart sensors like TMR can provide multiple information with very small footprint, low power, and cost. This paper presents a novel technique to sense the robotic or human hand finger position with the help of non-contact magnetic field sensor called TMR sensor. The human hand finger position has been measured at four different positions. The results validate that the four finger positions has been detected with the help of single sensor with precision.

Keywords: Robot, Sensing, Magneto Resistance Sensor

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001599

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