Responding to the Loneliness in the New Era of the Internet: Exploring the Role of Hugging and Fitting in Alleviating Loneliness

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Authors: Song SiyingXin He

Abstract: The development of the new era has given the new generation new psychological characteristics of loneliness. The purpose of this paper is to explore a new way to relieve loneliness, and to demonstrate that the interaction method and form of hugging with objects is useful for relieving loneliness.The new design and analysis method is used to verify that the ergonomic design of human fit and inductive hugging interaction function are useful for alleviating loneliness, proving that the emotional needs of users can be addressed by attaching hugging function and ergonomic redesign to specific products, providing a new direction for alleviating the psychological situation of contemporary lonely people and creating better products for alleviating loneliness.In this paper, a literature review is conducted in the early stage to outline the current research on the Internet and loneliness. Based on the starting point of hugging and fitting to relieve loneliness, a human-computer pillow with hugging function is designed. University students who meet the characteristics of the target user group are selected as the experimental research objects, and the questionnaire method is used to collect objective intelligence information by distributing online questionnaires to the research target group, and the interview method is used to conduct in-depth research on the target user group so as to deeply understand the users' psychology and identity. After collecting the relevant data, the data were statistically processed using mathematical tools, analyzed using SPSS and other analytical tools, and considered for its credibility, so as to verify the effect of hugs on alleviating loneliness. The experimental method and interview method were used to ask the test subjects about their feelings, so as to prove that the feeling of closeness has an effect on alleviating loneliness.This paper finds that the interaction action of hugging with objects and the ergonomically based sense of fit are useful for alleviating loneliness and can alleviate people's inner loneliness to a certain extent, which helps to focus on the new trend of loneliness psychology among young people based on the contemporary Internet society, design better loneliness relief products for lonely people and pay attention to the deep needs of users.Keywords: ergonomics, psychology, SPSS, loneliness, Internet, z era, interaction

Keywords: Ergonomics Psychology SPSS Lonely Internet Gen Z Interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001604

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