A comparison of accessibility assessment tools in the inspection of an informative government website on the situational status of COVID-19

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Freddy PazFreddy Asrael PazArturo MoquillazaFiorella FalconiJoel Aguirre

Abstract: Accessibility is considered a highly relevant quality aspect of software products. However, few websites are designed considering minimum standards that make applications accessible to all people regardless of their capabilities and abilities. Considering that there is a representative percentage of people who experience some form of disability, it is a requirement that government websites that provide information to their citizens meet an appropriate level of compliance. In this study, we report the results obtained from using three accessibility evaluation tools to examine an informative Peruvian government website on the situational status of COVID-19. In addition, the results were compared to determine the differences between the tools. Despite covering the same WCAG standard, the findings demonstrate that the tools evaluate different aspects. Likewise, despite being a government site and being required to comply with a minimum standard of accessibility, the evaluated website lacks some attributes to be accessed by any citizen.

Keywords: Accessibility, E-Government, Automated Tools

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001647

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